^  #DiscoverEU second round
Wed, Dec 05 2018 12:19:58 PM
From:  EU001-Gheorghe  
To:  General 
Cc:  DiscoverEU 
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Dear colleagues from Eurodesk Network,

I hope my message finds you well! As you all know, the second round of #DiscoverEU is ongoing and will be open for one more week (until 11 December) on which occasion we wanted to make sure you get all the information you may need to answer questions from young people on this initiative and kindly ask you to promote and support the imitative in your area. We therefore prepared a communication kit together with some the EBL guidelines related to DiscoverEU. It also includes tips for working with social media, useful links and FAQ's for answering the enquiries you might receive.

DiscoverEU general questions:
- FAQ's and rules are available in the attached Communication kit.zip file.
- Most of the things can be answered from the FAQ and Rules which Eurodesk Brussels Link helped building - https://europa.eu/youth/discovereu/rules_en and https://europa.eu/youth/discovereu/faq_en
The page is available in 26 languages, as for all the FAQ's and rules. In most of the questions you can copy the same thing stated there and just adapt it (use Excel attached to find the answer easier if you wish)

- Technical questions for which you need the European Commission's input should be sent to EAC-DISCOVER-EU@ec.europa.eu. Please note that this email can only be used for internal purposes (for your questions) and should not be communicated to the young people.
- As of Monday 14 January 2019, any booking questions related to the travel tickets should be forwarded to the contractor at hello@start-discover.eu - they will reply directly to the young people putting you in copy.
- If you need our input (EBL) please write to portal@eurodesk.eu

Social media promotion:
You will find over 30 pictures sorted by Social Network in Promotional materials (in the zip file attached)
Our social media resources are specifically formatted for all channels, please bear this in mind when posting - unfortunately we only produced them in English .
We will not translate them for this round but please use them in English on your social media, promote the imitative and pointing to your country's language on the DiscoverEU page

For questions you may not have answers or you are unsure how to answer, please ask us anytime via portal@eurodesk.eu (the questions get directly to EBL), we will provide you the answer in english.

Warm regards,

Gheorghe Kraszuk
ICT Expert
Eurodesk Brussels Link
Rue aux Fleurs 32
B-1000 Brussels
tel: +32 (0)22 077 700
skype: gkraszuk

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