^  Ghiaccio - The documentary about the history of six asylum seekers
Tue, Nov 27 2018 04:14:47 PM
From:  ES033-Intercambia Malaga  
To:  General 
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Dear All,

we write to tell you a good story and to ask for help. 

We want to spread the news that Diaconia Valdese is working with the production company of Turin to make a documentary called Ghiaccio - The documentary about the history of six asylum seekers who formed a curling team, and how to play curling tie them to the territory in which they live, very different to what they were used to. 

Here you can see the trailer: https://vimeo.com/298134213.

The film is financed by the Torino Film Commission and Diaconia Valdese (as a co-producer) for the development phase where the first images have already been shot, the film is pre-sales for the distributions and we are looking for new co-producers including the crowdfunding campaign through the indiegogo platform with which we seek the help of everyone: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ghiaccio-il-documentario#/

This link sends to the crowdfunding page and we ask you two things:
 the first is who wants, and can, to make the donation. There is a lot of possibilities and the lowest amount is very thin. We know it’s a demanding request, but if someone feels it is welcome.
 the second thing, fundamental, is to spread the campaign among all your contacts, if you can both work and private. The more the voice turns out the more we have the chance to reach the final goal. This is really essential to help us get out a little bit from the piedmont.

We believe that, given the times that run, support a similar project, which aims to normalize the figure of asylum seeker and show them as an integral part of the territory and not just a temporary guest, has a huge value and in a broad sense it is part of the reception projects for asylum seekers and refugees who now more than ever have become social and political subjects. Even a documentary with blacks on the ice can make the difference.
The film's director, Tomaso Clavarino, is a freelance photographer and documentary filmmaker who works with numerous news broadcasters and information platforms. He has made reports and documentaries in the Middle East, South America, North and East Europe. His works are highly quoted and distributed internationally. Among Tomaso's collaborations there is the one with sportweek, the weekly insert of La Gazzetta dello Sport, and for this reason Tomaso has put in touch with Diaconia Valdese, in order to realize a photographic reportage that tells of some asylum seekers who play at curling, without limiting himself to the moment of the game, but investigating a bit more how the fact of playing curling link these guys to the territory in which they live. Six beautiful personal stories have been discovered, made of passion, of surprises for what life reserves and of great willpower. For this reason the story has gone beyond the photographic reportage and was born the idea of a documentary. Tomaso is developing the docuementary together with the Turin production company Acting OUT.


Warm regards


Francesca Orsi

CSD - Ufficio Volontariato e Servizio Civile
Giovani e Territorio - Giovani in Movimento

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