^  Eurodesk Survey to young people - Communication Toolkit
Wed, Oct 03 2018 11:18:30 AM
From:  EU001-Safi  
To:  General 
Dear Network, 

As you might know, we have just launched the Eurodesk Survey 2018 and we are counting on your support to promote and disseminate the survey to the young people you meet and the organisations and institutions you collaborate with.

To support you in the promotion and dissemination, we have created a Communications Toolkit for you including: 
  • Social Media Posts (Facebook, Instagram (+ Instagram Stories GIPH), Twitter) 
  • Promotion Guidelines 
  • Template for invitating partners to promote the survey 
Find the material through this OneDrive folder

We hope that this material will support you in the online promotion of the survey, but we also encourage you to use your own methods to promote the survey during your face-to-face activities also including your upcoming Time to Move activities.  

This year we are giving out an incentive to those who participate, by making it possible for them to compete for three nice prizes. A designated article have been created for the survey and one can find information about the competition and the survey on www.eurodesk.eu/survey or through the news section on the website. 

We currently have 19 languages up on the portal (including English) and more is coming! (Wihoo!)
A really big thank you to those who have translated and are in the process of translating the survey.

Every two weeks I will be updating you about where we stand in terms of respondents. How many respondents we have in total and per country. Hopefully this will give you a better overview of how your promotion is going and where we need to push for more answers.  

Our hope is that we are able to make country-specific analysis. In order to make country-specific analysis we need at least 1000 respondents in the specific country. I hope this can also be an incentive for you to reach out and gather as many respondents as you can.  

Lastly, the survey will be open until the 25th of November, this way we have enough time to spread it as wide as possible.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.  

Let’s make this survey the biggest of the Eurodesk network yet!
I'm counting on you! 🙂

Safi Sabuni
Policy and Training Officer
Eurodesk Brussels Link
Rue aux Fleurs 32
B-1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 (0)22 077 700

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