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Sat, Sep 29 2018 08:06:42 AM
From:  IT170 PONTEDERA  
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Good morning,

an Erasmus student (girl) is looking for a room in a shared flat with other students in Madrid from mid-January 2019 to mid-June 2019.

The apartment must be close to the Metro to go to the Universidad Computense De Madrid.

Are there any real estate agencies in Madrid where you can find out about Erasmus students' rooms?

Is there a website where you can find this information?

do you have any contact to report?

Greeting for Italy,



Centro Eurodesk Unione Valdera
Via Brigate Partigiane n. 4 - 56025 Pontedera

Centro Informagiovani di Bientina                           Tel. 0587/758450
Centro Informagiovani di Capannoli                       Tel. 0587/606010
Centro Informagiovani di Casciana Terme Lari   Tel. 0587/646783
Centro Informagiovani di Palaia                              Tel. 0587/621437
Centro Informagiovani di Pontedera                       Tel.0587/299685
Centro Poliedro di Pontedera                                   Tel  0587.52652  
SUAP Valdera - sportello di Pontedera                  Tel. 0587/299555

 Contatto mail unico per tutti gli sportelli :   eurodesk@unione.valdera.pi.it                          

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