^  Urgent: 1 volunteer from Poland needed in Italy
Thu, Sep 13 2018 05:26:30 PM
From:  IT159 CHIARI  
To:  General 
Attachments:  Parrocchia dei Santi Faustino e Giovita.pdf 565K
Dear colleagues from POLAND,

due to last minute cancelation, italian organization
 Parrocchia dei Santi Faustino e Giovita  is searching 1 Polish resident (preferebly a male candidate 22-25 years old) for a long term volunteering project in north of Italy. Please find more detailed info attached. Contact asap: progetti@cg2000.it

The activities period shall start on 03/10/2018 and end on 03/08/2019
Summary of the project
EVS AL CENTRO is an EVS project addressed to 4 guys, …. from Poland, Ceren from Turkey, Lamija from Bosnia and Harold from Albania. We intend to provide a strong learning experience through an operative full-time role in the organization (they will never replace educators and operators but will support them ); These guys will have the opportunity to integrate into activities with ideas, creativity and experience; we would like to guarantee the service to the local community through non-profit activities, emphasizing the intercultural dimension and the possibility of non-formal learning .
The general objectives are :
- To Live an unique experience abroad especially in Italy
- To have the opportunity to do a new and an engaging thing
- To know new people, meet new friends and other volunteers from other countries (to promote knowledge, dismantle stereotypes and offer opportunities to meet and to develop a critical ability)
- To know another country, another language a new culture and new ways of life.
- To develop new competences and skills such as empathy and social competences
Professional objectives are: to connect EVS with their educations, To connect the EVS project with their choice of studies ( professional orientation), to have the opportunity to work in a educative environment side by side with highly qualified and competent personnel, To develop their skills and competences in educative methods, -Improving their indipendence ,innovation, creativity, patient, communication, cooperation and working on group’s sense.
Activities that volunteers will perform can be divided into two main periods:
- Winter CASA DI ALICE, LUDOTECA CG2000 (Medie /Elementari) , PEDIBUS, DREAMBAR,
- Summer activities: GREST.
The welcome period will be very important for Volunteers’ introduction into the project. During the initials two weeks generally the volunteers will be attended during him/her places and people’s knowing.
During this first period the tutor will support and attend them into the project’s knowledge, trying to support them and trying to overcome certain adaptation’s difficulties.
Gradually volunteers will be introduced into activities and, with the support of the project’s responsible, can observe strong points and critical situations, evaluating during daily activates him/her attitudes and skills.
Together it’s possible also to modify some project’s elements.
The project’s evaluation will be do in itinere, both an activities’ evaluation, and a personal growth and no-formal learning’s evaluation.
There will be also periods of more structural analysis, such as a middle term and a final evaluation.
According with volunteers’ skills and according with the youth Center’s activities, through the cooperation with the sending organization and the volunteer, this personal project was written:

Please share this info with whom might be interested. Thank you!


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