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Tue, Jul 24 2018 12:59:58 PM
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Dear Melanie,


I will contact one of our partners in Finland that are researchers on youth work and youth policy, but I am not sure how much do they cover the EEC area. However I am sure they can give valuable input.


Kind regards,



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DE001-IJAB su Mar, Lug 24, 2018 alle 9:21 ha scritto:
Dear all,

my colleague is looking for infos and suggestions about the following:

youth researchers or research projects focusing on youth work or youth policy in Eastern Europe and Caucasus countries
An expert to give a keynote speech on Evidence-base in policy-making – how~ youth policies are planned and how youth research is used for that.

If you have information for her, please contact her directly via email to mailto:klinzing@ijab.de

Cheers in advance


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