Mon, Jul 02 2018 06:59:12 PM
From:  ES052- Barcelona  
To:  General 

I have lived in Bristol up to last June for two years, and finding accommodation as a lot of people say can be harder than finding a job. I would recommend the websites Eva has suggested, and I will tell them to create profiles on them however there are scamps and is not sure to book online without seen the accomodation before. Therefore I would arrive two weeks prior to their internship and would stay in a youth hostel or airbnb; acommodation really flies so they need to be on the search all the time. It is important to consider that they are going to arrive with all the students who rent for one year so that´s a thought competence. The accomodation when I left was around 500pounds/month.
Facebook groups about rent a rooms, or spanish in Bristol can also be useful.
Bristol is a great city so I am sure they will have an amazing time!

If they need something else they can contact me, I am based in Barcelona :)

Best wishes,
Mònica de Ayguavives


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