^  Let's increase Erasmus+ funding ten times
Wed, May 02 2018 11:30:46 AM
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Let's increase Erasmus+ funding ten times
Eurodesk, the LLLPlatform and the European Youth Forum have released a new piece to the Erasmusx10 campaign. To raise awareness and bring a human face to the Erasmus+ programme, they have created 10 fictive personas, from 10 countries, with 10 different backgrounds. All in all, 10 different stories with 10 different reasons why Erasmus+ matters to them. Meet Dominik, the first character, and listen to his story on why it is necessary to raise the Erasmus+ budget by ten times!

They have also preprared a social media toolkit including:
- Facebook/Twitter banners;
- A Facebook Frame for your profile picture;
- Social media visuals;  
- Pre-prepared tweets and Facebook posts.

Please feel free use, share and adapt it to your needs.

Find out more about the campaign, sign the petition.

Grazia Cannarsa
Research and Information Manager

Eurodesk Brussels Link
Rue aux Fleurs 32
1000 Brussels


Visit the website and sign the petition: http://erasmusx10.eu