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Fri, Mar 30 2018 12:33:01 PM
From:  IT001 Giovanni  
To:  Mobility 
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Dear Colleagues,

Eurodesk Italy is organizing a  Training seminar on Euro-project design addressed to Eurodesk Multipliers.

This training seminar is addressed to multipliers coming from Eurodesk European Local Relays’ network willing to design a project, write its application and eventually submit it – at the closest deadline - within the Erasmus+ action funds.

WE are looking for participants with a previous experience in EU project design/writing, with particular reference to Key Action 2 and 3 of the Erasmus+ program.
As a side effect, this seminar will also significantly contribute to the improvement of cooperation and exchange of good practices among Eurodesk Multipliers.

The seminar will take place in Riccione, Italy, from the 7th to the 11th May, 2018.
The activity will last 5 working days. The participants will work in plenary and (mainly) in groups, each one on a specific project idea. Introductory and preparation materials will be sent to participants after the registration deadline, so that they could focus only on project’s design and writing during the seminar.
The seminar will be facilitated by an expert (external to the Eurodesk network) in Erasmus+ projects’ application and management. Among other duties, s/he will in charge of running shared periods of evaluation and brainstorming throughout the whole projects’ design and writing sessions.
A draft agenda is attached.

Travel and accommodation costs will be borne to participants.
The accommodation costs (which includes full board and lodging) is EUR 95,00 per person/per day (in single room) or EUR 85,00 per person/per day (in double room).
Eurodesk Italy will cover all the additional costs (training rooms, material and documentation, external trainers’ fees, etc.).

You are invited to complete the registration form for the upcoming training seminar within April 15th, 2018. The link to reach the registration form is the following: http://www.eurodesk.it/registrazione-europrogettazione-en-2018

For any question or clarification, please do contact us!!!
Kindest regards,

IT001 -Giovanni Maccioni
International Relations
Eurodesk Italy
Coordinamento Nazionale,
Via Iglesias 45 09125 Cagliari
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email: giovanni@eurodesk.it
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