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Mon, Dec 11 2017 04:36:11 PM
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Hi Natasha , 


here's something traditional that happens on one of our little rocks :) 




On the tiny island of Gozo , sister island to Malta in the Mediterranean, several locals volunteer to change a small village into the Bethlehem of Ghajnsielem. This yearly event has enchanged thousands of visitors ovet the past years. This village is totally changed into a nativity village, it turns into a life size crib constructed on 20.000 square metre of fields. It comes to life during the month of December with abut 150 actors taking visitors back in time to Judea of 2000 years ago. The atmosphere will simply be unique, horses turn mills , villagers go about their jobs, shepherds inhabit caves,animals roam in enclosed spaces and a poor unknown couple tend their newly born in a grotto. It promises to bring the timeless Christmas story to life as never before. 


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