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Mon, Nov 27 2017 04:57:26 PM
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Thank you Lodz!

Have a great Christmas, too :)

Greetings from Bonn

PL006-Lodz schrieb am Donnerstag, 16. November 2017 um 16:09 +0100:
Great Idea!
In Poland we eat a lot of fish:D Especially - carp and herring with cream or oil.
We prepare meatless dishes - dumpilng with mushrooms and sour cabbage, soups with mushrooms or Ukrainian borscht, cakes like poppy seed cake or gingerbreads. We wait for Santa Claus and for the first star on the sky to start christmas dinner with our family. Some pictures downoladed from freepik are attached:)
Wish You the best Christmas ever!
Best regards from Lodz,

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