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Thu, Oct 26 2017 05:44:35 PM
From:  UK001-Heather  
To:  General 
Hi all,

We have received the below message from one of our Scottish Ambassadors:

"At IVS we are looking for a RECEIVING partner in any European country willing and able to build a project with us for the inclusion of a young volunteer facing some barriers to his participation. The host need to be willing to receive a volunteer with a small physical impairment and a degree of learning difficulties, coming from a socially and economically deprived background. The volunteer is interested in enhancing his practical skills. His passions are the arts and gardening.

Please get in touch with us at IVS if you would like to take part in this. We can coordinate the project."

Please contact programmes@ivsgb.org for more information.

Eurodesk UK Team

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