^  edition of the International Classical Guitar Contest "Acad. Marin Goleminov"
Mon, Oct 16 2017 10:36:50 AM
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"Bratstvo 1869" Community Centre announces the XXII edition of the International Classical Guitar Contest "Acad. Marin Goleminov ", which is organized annually under the patronage of the Mayor of Kyustendil Municipality.

The twenty-second edition of the competition will be held from 28 to 31 March 2018 in the town of Kyustendil, Bulgaria.

All interested guitarists from the Bulgaria and abroad who have submitted a participation card can participate.

Many lectures, discussions, recitals, concerts, etc. will be held during the competition days. All events have free entrance.

Master classes with prominent guitar teachers from the Bulgaria and abroad are held after a required participation and a fee is paid at the beginning of the competition.

I send a regulation and card to participate in the competition!


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