^  Re: Volunteering in Denmark
Wed, Oct 04 2017 01:18:12 PM
From:  DK001-Alexander  
To:  HR010-ACT 
Cc:  General 
Dear Margareta,

Sadly, we don't know any specific place in Denmark, where you can do voluntary work and at the same time be provided accommodation and food.

I suggest the young man checks out the following website: http://www.frivilligjob.dk/volunteeringdk/volunteeringdk/
It's a list of different kinds of voluntary work in Denmark. Maybe he'll find a project of interest, which also provides the needed accommodation and food.

There's also the following website, which lists some places, where you can do voluntary work in Copenhagen:

I'm sorry we can't be more specific with a recommendation for voluntary work in Denmark with his requirements, but I hope the two listed websites can help him.

Best regards,

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