^  Re(2): Volunteering in Denmark
Mon, Oct 02 2017 10:01:13 AM
From:  HR010-ACT  
To:  EU001-Gheorghe 
Cc:  General 

Hi, Gheorghe,


thank you so much for your help! I am new with Eurodesk and I appreciate all the info with FirstClass and the network!


Margareta, ACT Group



EU001-Gheorghe on Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 09:58 AM wrote:
Hi, specific (targeted) information about a country should be sent directly (or in copy) to the country conference (in this case Denmark or mailto:eurodeskdk@eurodesk.eu)
If your message/request is aimed at a specific country, please use
mailto:eurodeskXX@eurodesk.eu (where XX is country code, eg. ES, FR, IT, DE, RO etc.) in order to recieve a priority answer.

This message will be moved there :-)

Kind regards,

Kind regards,

Gheorghe KRASZUK
Information specalist
Eurodesk Brussels Link
Rond-Point Schuman, 6
1040 Brussels
+32 2 282 83 81


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