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From:Thursday, June 15, 2017 10:54 AM +0200
Subject:Re: Learn English Working With Native English Speakers 
Dear Friends, 
We know many European young people want to practise speaking English in a more natural environment outside the classroom with native English speakers. 
We send thousands of native-English speakers to volunteer abroad every year, around 95% of our volunteers are from the UK and 90% of our volunteers only speak English.
We would love to hear from a European organisation or language center or any individuals who would like to gain total immersion through volunteering with native English speakers who do not speak French/German/Spanish/Italian languages etc etc 
This is a unique and unusual opportunity for English students to have to use their English all day with native speakers.
If anyone knows an individual who would like to spend time abroad volunteering with native English speakers please contact us: contact{at}
We also accept under 18s at selected projects throughout the year.
Kindest regards,
Rachel Lewis
Programmes Manager
Original Volunteers
00 44 (0) 1603 280702

PL389IIILO-Gdansk writes:
I'm Asia and I'm form Poland. My friends are looking for some workcamp offers, They are under 18 (boy-17 and boy-16). Best time would be second half of august. In every Europian country. They speak english very good. They are also outgoing and like to work in a group. They will take up any reasonable type of work (but prefer something that includes working with people). We are looking for offers with guaranteed at least accommodation and food. We would be happy for any kind of help. I was looking for some offers but pages are in national languages and I don't understand them.