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From:Sunday, April 16, 2017 9:33 AM +0200
Subject:My Student need to your help 

I am student in~civil engineering~at~KTO Karatay~University~(Konya / Turkey).

I would like to join Erasmus+ programme and do~internship~in one of European~cities~for this summer~(2 or 3 months~)~because I believe that this process will be a very useful experience for my education life.Seeing different styles about language,~construction,~culture and history will be fascinating opportunity.~Also,studying in Europe would help me to learning languages easier than used to be.~Nowadays knowing foreing language helps you get along more sufficiently with different people.It is necessary to build better relationships with your friends and the people all around the world.~

In this respect, i~strongly believe that Erasmus+ project will be helpful and useful to improve myself and my education life.~I am ready to do my best and take all responsibilities for this reason to develop a better future career.
In conclusion, i~want to do internship in Europe so is there anyone who can help me?~

Thank you in advance for your interest
My best regards

Rahim Ömer YAVUZ~

ERasmus+ Projects Coordinator
Responsible Person for Eurodesk
KONYA Provincial Directorate of National Education 
Akcesme Mah.Garaj Cad.No:4 42010 Karatay/KONYA
Twitter   : EurodeskTR

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