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links for au-pair CZ008-Pelhrimov  1K
Artist residencies in Berlin/Spain  IT077 PADOVA  1K
Eurodesk Newsletter / December 2017 Eurodesk Brussels Link <info@eurodesk.eu>  382K
Re: intership in CZ, Spain, Portugal  ES032 Cantabria-Europa  7.1K
intership in CZ, Spain, Portugal  CY005-Agros  3K
LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER: Time to Move 2017 Closing Seminar - 17 November Eurodesk Brussels Link <info@eurodesk.eu>  240K
Eurodesk Newsletter / November 2017 Eurodesk Brussels Link <info@eurodesk.eu>  393K
Study In Europe photo competition/ Apply till: 18.00 GMT, 6 Nov. 2017 BG034-Sofia-GlobalOrg  3K
Hi! PL380SP1-Gdansk  1K
Looking for receiving partner UK001-Heather  103K
Re(2): Volunteering in Denmark IT159 CHIARI  2K
Re: Volunteering in Denmark DK001-Alexander  34K
Re(2): Volunteering in Denmark HR010-ACT  16K
SPEAKERS CONFIRMED: Time to Move 2017 Closing Seminar - 17 November Eurodesk Brussels Link <info@eurodesk.eu>  200K
TIME TO MOVE.... TOO FAR AWAY! ES033-Intercambia Malaga  101K
Fashion Design Degree Program Information  IT077 PADOVA  1K
edition of the International Classical Guitar Contest "Acad. Marin Goleminov" BG010-Kustendil-MIKC  359K
Eurodesk Newsletter / October 2017 Eurodesk Brussels Link <info@eurodesk.eu>  399K
INVITATION: Time to Move 2017 Closing Seminar - 17 November Eurodesk Brussels Link <info@eurodesk.eu>  161K
Local Action Groups PL803-Dabrowa  1K
MOOC for Erasmus + from Oct 16 till Nov. 10, 2018 BG034-Sofia-GlobalOrg  5.1K
Re: Work in UK UK001-Leanne  8.1K
Re: Medicine residency in Europe PL013-UMBialystok  18K
Medicine residency in Europe ES012 Europa Joven Madrid  19K
Visual identyfication in primiary schools in Europe PL001-Wawrzek  321K
Re(2): Accommodattion in Brussels ES002 Zaragoza  1K
Re: Accommodattion in Brussels EU001-Gheorghe  39K
Accommodattion in Brussels ES002 Zaragoza  2K
Eurodesk Newsletter / September 2017 Eurodesk Brussels Link <info@eurodesk.eu>  421K
Re: Urgent! One night in Oslo EU001-Gheorghe  36K
Urgent! One night in Oslo SK005-Kosice  1K
Re: Searching for opportunities in Madrid ES001-Enrique  40K
Searching for opportunities in Madrid HR007-Mladi u EU  248K
Partner call from Turkey TR039-KırklareliMEM  3K
Structures supporting entrepreneurship of disadvantaged youth PL001-Wawrzek  321K
Opportunity for ex EVS volunteer in Europe HR007-Mladi u EU  238K
Time to Move promo video: launch 15 August 12.30pm UK time UK001-Annelies  79K
Eurodesk Newsletter / August 2017 Eurodesk Brussels Link <info@eurodesk.eu>  406K
Stage in mechatronic/robotics IT176 SANT'AMBROGIO IN VALPOLICELLA  9.2K
Participate in Eurodesk Survey on Eurodesk Mobility Advisor Competence Profile! EU001-Audrey  138K
HORIZON 2020 project - International Interdisciplinary PhD studies in Biomedical Research and Biostatistics at the Medical University of Bialystok PL013-UMBialystok  9.2K
Eurodesk Newsletter / July 2017 Eurodesk Brussels Link <info@eurodesk.eu>  387K
Tips to prevent Petya/GoldenEye ransomware EU001-Gheorghe  43K
SVE-aLBANIA ES062-Ayuntamiento de Puente Genil  4K
Scholarship, grant for or cooperation with DramaPoint from Warsaw PL001-Lukasz  424K
E+ dorphins, boosting sports in Erasmus+ youth projects SV001-Jakob  8.1K
Fwd: 🕑 FEW DAYS LEFT 🕑 Eurodesk survey on youth information services EU001-Grazia  1.2M
🕑 FEW DAYS LEFT 🕑 Eurodesk survey on youth information services Eurodesk Brussels Link <info@eurodesk.eu>  118K
Re: Learn English Working With Native English Speakers forum contributor  6.1K

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